Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Here's the feature list as it currently stands:

Folklore for the modern age
Become engrossed in a unique setting packed with ambience and atmosphere. Travel under the northern lights, through dark forests and across windy mountains and meet a colourful cast of characters. Befriend the young forest spirit Yrsa, solve riddles for tricksy will-o'-the-wisps and outsmart dangerous trolls in your quest to return home...

A new way to read
Rimfrost is a cross between a game and a book, with lush environments to explore, items to use and characters to talk to. It encourages reading at every turn; vivid scene descriptions give even more life to the world and interactive dialogues let you choose your words. Tap items and locations in the world to learn about them and talk to the game's characters about more than just the current objectives to gain additional knowledge. 

You're the hero
There is no lead character in Rimfrost except for you. Play the main part in this gender-inclusive adventure by adding your name and personality to the story. Your choices in dialogues and at key points in the plot affect how characters react and what happens next! 

The good kind of scary
Rimfrost mixes spooky locations, frightening characters and odd events in a delightfully spine-tingling adventure that appeals to brave children and imaginative adults alike. The entire game is consistently non-violent and both rewards and requires wits and quick thinking. While the story is gripping and hard to put down, the game itself is slow-paced allows you take as much time as you want to fully enjoy the world and its distinct mood.

Made for touch screens
An intuitive control scheme lets you explore the world of Rimfrost in a natural way. Tap, swipe and scroll your way through beautifully rendered 3D environments, colourful descriptions and exciting dialogues. 

Hopefully that all makes sense. Picture time now, hooray! 

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