Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Introducing Rimfrost

First post! I have a couple of things to post today, and I'm afraid the first few bits are rather wordy... There will be some pictures later, I promise! But let's get those pesky words out of the way first, shall we.

Here is the glorious page of scribbles from my last visit to Preston:
Fantastic, right?

Once it had simmered in my head for a week or so something started to take shape. I loved the idea of using Scandinavian folklore; I've always wanted to do something with it, and after 3,5 years in the UK I'm feeling a little bit homesick.
Photo from Destination Bydalsfjällen.
When I was little, probably from when I was 5 to about 12, we'd go to the north of Sweden for a week-long ski trip every year. It was absolutely magical. The landscape up there is stunning and the silence and darkness impossible to ignore...
Photo from Destination Bydalsfjällen.
I remember wondering what could be hiding in the dense, pitch black forest around our cabin and being delightfully scared and excited by it. You'd wake up and see tons of animal tracks around the house and it was amazingly cool - and terrifying - to know that things were going on right outside your window as you slept. For the first few years the cabin didn't have any running water and you'd have to brave the darkness and the freezing cold to use the outhouse (for once I prefer the American term...), and for an eight year old child just going for a wee at night was an act of absolute bravery...
Photo from a random blog!
So I want to channel all of this into a story about folklore and snow and mountains, filled with strange creatures and peculiar events. It's no longer a "Kindle with moving pictures" but more of a text-heavy adventure game with lots of dialogue and tricksy puzzles. A game with words, as opposed to words with some games. I think it could be quite neat...

Game outline
Rimfrost is an interactive story set in a wintery, alternate reality filled with strange creatures from Scandinavian folklore. The story is aimed at children aged eight and upwards and lets you play the role of the protagonist and experience the adventure first-hand. 

You're on a wintery holiday with your parents. After skiing down an unmarked slope you find yourself in a reality inhabited by mystical creatures, and where ancient magic is real... Navigate the frozen world, use items, interact with a host of characters and solve puzzles to find your way back to your home and family.

Rimfrost is available on iOS and Android tablet devices.

I'm aiming for a "good scary" kind of vibe and I've upped the age from 6-7 to 8 and upwards. Obviously age ratings and children are a minefield since some are so much brighter and mature than others, but it gives me something to aim for.

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