Sunday, 24 February 2013

Yrsa and Ivar

Weekend doodle:
Yrsa (Ühr-sa) being silly and Ivar (Ee-vahr) being...well, him. Oh, I changed his name! Gard is too similar to the name I have in mind for the nasty troll king; Grár.

Yrsa means "dizzy", "wild" or "she-bear". Ivar doesn't mean anything particularly relevant ("yew tree" or something) but it's an old Nordic name that is easy enough to pronounce. Grár means "the grey" in Icelandic which I think works well, plus it sounds appropriately snarly for a mean character. I also may or may not be using my dictionary of Icelandic horse names for this project.......

I'm also giving up on trying to force a visual style. Instead I'm just going to draw what's in my head as well as I can, and that'll just have to be good enough. Onwards!

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