Saturday, 4 May 2013

Updated doc!

Click here for a HUGE (58mb) high quality version of the doc.

Click here for a small (4mb) version that's less painful to download, but has terrible image quality and some rendering issues. It gets the idea across though.

This version of the doc has about 400% more iPads, lots of layout improvements, more polished art and a better flow.

I want to re-do and clarify the map on page 19 and polish the area setup image on page 24 before I create any extra images. I primarily want to flesh out Yrsa and Ivar with some more pictures and information.

Here are some before-and-after images for comparison:
I changed the elf a lot as I wasn't a massive fan of the pretty-girl-running-around-the-snow-in-a-nightie kind of thing. Plus, with the hair she looked WAY too much like the ghost icon:
She matches the elf icon much better now:
This guy got some shadows... did this lady.
I've also cleaned up and coloured the troll:

And here's a little Yrsa image, for the section in the document where she talks:

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